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DREAM CATCHERS 100% selected hair is made from European and not Indian hair like most hair extensions. Therefor it matches most hair textures and is soft and silky. The hair used for the blondes is from Scandinavia. So unlike Indian hair which comes in dark brown to black and must be lightened many times before it becomes platinum. You will find that this is the only blonde hair extension that lasts 1-2 years.


The micro link bonds contain a water resistant polymer (rubber) compound which sticks to your hair and doesn’t slip. The bond also repeal’s water unlike most hair extensions that are bonded with simply keratin. Each hair extension is simply colored once and only once! So it is single processed and lasts 5 to 10 times longer then any other hair extension.


This is an investment in your hair and your beauty! Dreamcatchers hair extensions are the best worn by ALL of the celebrities including Paris Hilton, Shawn King (Larry King’s wife), The Princess of Brunei, and many others. You cannot get these extensions unless you are a licensed stylist by this amazing company. This method is done strand by strand with NO tension. And causes zero damage. Comes in straight, wavy or curly. Great for growing out your hair. 



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